NexTool, Creative Tools

To express enthusiasm for life, to express the grammar of fate, this time we aren’t using words, we aren’t using letters, and we aren’t even using that look in the eye or a smile.  We’re using NexTool.

To understand a person, look at his friends; to understand a person, look at the tools he uses.  

Tools are the link between heart and hand, like the “wings on the tiger”, tools are endlessly clever, at hand for your satisfaction, the trigger for your innovations.

If you understand life, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of it; if you understand balance, you’ll love the versatility.  

These tools are there when you reach for them, always dedicated, loyal efficient, not really “just” a tool but something with that warmth, that feeling, that wordless empathy, all  yours.

“That” is NexTool.